(The Center Square) – About 110,000 Californians bought guns in the first half of 2020, with concerns over violent riots, released prisoners, and lack of support for law enforcement, according to several reports.

The 2020 California Safety and Wellbeing Study, conducted by researchers at the University of California and University of California Davis School of Medicine, evaluated the impact the state’s ongoing shutdown has had on mental health. When doing so, they identified “a link between safety concerns and firearms purchases.”

“In this cross-sectional, population-representative survey of 2,870 adults in California, worry about multiple types of violence for oneself increased during the pandemic,” they write; “an estimated 110,000 people acquired firearms due to the pandemic (2.4% of firearm owners in the state), including approximately 47,000 new owners.”

Those who purchased guns cited concerns over lawlessness, prisoner releases, the government going too far, government collapses and gun stores closing, the researchers found.