Local gun retailers have experienced unusually brisk sales and trouble finding certain kinds of ammunition ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Texas in March, but the trend has accelerated over about the last two weeks. 

“Really since the election process began,” said Bobby Goss, manager of Young’s Jewelry and Guns. 

Gibson’s Discount Center’s gun department also is bustling, and the store is making record sales, as evidenced by somewhat bare pistol display cases of late.

“To the point now we can’t replace them — there’s no guns to order,” said Sam Liesman on Friday. “Ammo’s even worse.”

In a nationwide survey conducted in May by the National Shooting Sports Foundation — the firearm industry trade association NSSF — retailers reported an increased number of first-time gun buyers, estimating that 40% of their sales were to this group. This is an increase of 67% over the annual